About Us

We are in Greater Hyderabad now. A mega city that covers 625 sq. km. of municipal corporation area and 6852 sq. km. of metropolitan area. It is fast emerging as the hub of IT/ITES, Biotech, Pharma and Tourism sector. Its strategic geographical location, multilingual and cosmopolitan culture, tremendous growth potential and investment-friendly economic policy are all making it an attractive destination for corporates, entrepreneurs, academicians and homemakers alike.

» Its population stands at 7.8 milion and is projected to touch 13.64 million by 2021.
» Currently, over 2.4 million personalized vehicles ply on Hyderabad roads, with an addition of 0.20 million vehicles every year.
» 7.8 million motorized trips are made every day, of which, only about 3.28 million or 42% are made by the Public Transportation System (PTS) i.e. buses and local trains. That means the rest of the trips are made by personal vehicles leading to traffic bottlenecks, high pollution levels and a steep increase in fuel consumption.
» A people-friendly city is that which provides a good quality of life. An efficient, safe, reliable and comfortable public transportation system is one of the pre-requisites of good living.
» The increasing pressure of the burgeoning population is putting Hyderabad’s Transportation System under constant pressure. The need of the hour is a robust system that is dependable, comfortable, affordable and sustainable.
» The answer lies in Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS). Accordingly, the development of Metro Rail was approved for 71.16 km., covering three high density traffic corridors of Hyderabad. The Project will be developed on BOT basis in PPP mode.